Three Ways to Start Zero Waste Lifestyle Dipublikasikan 16.10, 04/08 • Laila Afifa
An activist and author of Zero Waste Adventure, Siska Nirmala, shared simple steps towards a zero waste lifestyle.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - An activist and author of Zero Waste Adventure, Siska Nirmala, acknowledged that some people may find it difficult to adopt a zero waste lifestyle. She said it could take a year to stop buying drinks in plastic packages.

“Applying a zero-waste lifestyle needs a long time, and the duration can be different for each person,” said Siska in a webinar “7 Days Zero Plastic Challenge” on Monday, August 3, 2020.

She then shared simple steps towards an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, dividing the process of minimizing waste into three stages with varying difficulty levels.

“Each level can be different for each person. What is clear is, the process must be in stages,” Siska remarked.

1. Early stage

In the first stage, Siska recommends people to minimize the use of disposable products, such as replacing plastic bags with cloth shopping bags, bringing your own drinking bottles and food containers.

2. Intermediate stage

There are three things people can do in this stage, Siska outlined, such as choosing natural foods without plastic packaging, composting organic waste, and eliminating products that potentially produce waste.

Siska suggested choosing natural products, such as vegetables and fruits. Moreover, their waste can be composted which can be used as economic fertilizer.

To reduce waste, people can also buy necessary products only or find the alternatives that are sold without disposable plastic packaging.

3. Advanced stage

At this level, zero waste activists can avoid purchasing new products, including clothes, and utilize second-hand products. People can also produce their own daily needs, such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste.


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