Rizieq Shihab's Clutch in Saudi Arabia Not Because of Indonesia

Tempo.co Dipublikasikan 14.28, 14/11/2019 • Laila Afifa
Rizieq Shihab's travel ban notice is actually a statement from Saudi Arabia's immigration stating that he is barred from exiting the country.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -Coordinating Minister of Politics, Law, and Security Issues Mahfud MD says that the letter referred by Rizieq Shihab is in his possession from his lawyer, Sugito Atmo Pawiro.

The letter itself, says Mahfud, is not a travel ban notice but is actually a statement from the Saudi Arabian immigration stating that Rizieq is barred from exiting Saudi Arabia due to security concerns.

“The letter is not due to [a travel ban] but the notice from the Saudi Arabian immigration states that Rizieq’s passport is barred from getting out of Saudi Arabia due to security concerns. That’s it,” said Mahfud MD at the presidential palace complex on Thursday, November 14.

According to Mahfud, this shows that Rizieq’s issue is because of his own actions against the Saudi Arabian government, not with the Indonesian government.

“This means that his problem is with Saudi Arabia, not with us,” he said.

The minister then urged Rizieq Shihab to present the Indonesian government with the actual travel ban notice if he plans to negotiate with the Indonesian government. Mahfud has also in talks with the Indonesian Foreign Affairs, Law and Human Rights Minister, National Police Chief, and the head of Intelligence (BIN).

In simple terms, Mahfud MD asserts that the factor that has stalled Rizieq’s return to Indonesia is due to the problem the FPI leader has with the Saudi Arabian government. He also asserts that Indonesia will not facilitate the issue.


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