Putrajaya schools to close Tuesday as haze hits 'very unhealthy' levels

thejakartapost.com Dipublikasikan 02.12, 17/09/2019 • The Jakarta Post

Schools in Putrajaya will be closed due to the haze on Tuesday (Sept 17).

In a statement issued by the Putrajaya Education Department, it noted that the Air Pollutant Index (API) reading for Putrajaya was over 200 at 5pm on Monday (Sept 16).

"The Department has informed all schools to be closed Tuesday, Sept 17," it said.

According to Bernama, 25 schools in Putrajaya will be affected. It includes 15 primary schools and 10 secondary schools.

At the time of writing, the API reading at 8pm was at 202.

According to the Department of Environment website, the highest API reading for Putrajaya on Monday was at 7pm, when the index hit 205.

Other locations which hit API above 200 at 8pm include Sri Aman, Sarawak at 204, and Kuching, Sarawak ( 223 ) and Johan Setia in Klang, Selangor ( 229 ).

An API reading of between 0 and 50 is categorised as good, 51 to 100 (moderate), 101 to 200 (unhealthy), 201 to 300 (very unhealthy) and above 300 (hazardous)


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