Over 900,000 People Suffer from ISPA due to Forest Fire Haze

Tempo.co Dipublikasikan 13.34, 23/09/2019 • Markus Wisnu Murti
Fire burns a resident's land in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, Sunday, September 22, 2019. ANTARA
BNPB spokesman Agus Wibowo reveals the total number of residents suffering from respiratory infections or ISPA caused by forest fires reach 919,516.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) spokesman Agus Wibowo revealed the total number of residents suffering from acute respiratory infections or ISPA caused by haze from land and forest fires reached 919,516 people.

“Data from the Health Ministry per September 23 shows that people suffering from ISPA amounted to 919 people from six Indonesia provinces,” Agus told a press conference at BNPB Graha, East Jakarta, Monday, September 23.

Agus outlined the highest number of residents with haze-related illnesses was found in South Sumatra at 291,807 people, followed by Riau (275,793 people), West Kalimantan (180,695 people), South Kalimantan (67,293 people), Jambi (63,554 people), and Central Kalimantan (40,374 people).

According to Agus, the government has distributed aid such as respiratory masks to affected provinces: 20,000 masks to South Kalimantan, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and Jambi; 23,000 masks to Riau; and 29,000 masks to South Sumatra.

In addition, the government has established several posts in a number of areas affected by land and forest fires. “The government has deployed doctors and nurses there. So people can check on their health, ask for a mask, medicines, supplementary foods for babies and pregnant mothers,” Agus said.


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