Once a joke, now a reality: School accepts GoPay for enrollment fee payment

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GoJek app on a smartphone.
GoJek app on a smartphone.

When Gojek founder Nadiem Makarim was appointed education and culture minister in late October, Twitter was abuzz with netizens making jokes that parents would soon be able to use GoPay to pay their children’s tuition.

It turns out people are not completely off the mark as a plan has begun to take shape.  

Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Miftahul Akhlaqiyah, an Islamic school in Ngaliyan, Semarang in Central Java, has started accepting enrollment fee payment using the digital payment platform provided by the Indonesian decacorn.

According to the school’s website, akhlaqiyah.sch.id, the madrasah has already begun to accept payments using GoPay for students enrolling between Dec. 1 and Jan. 31.

School principal Miftahul Arief said for now, GoPay was only accepted for registration fees, which should be paid after online registration forms were filled out.

He said the school aimed to develop the use of GoPay so that parents could use the platform to pay other fees at the education institution.

Arief said GoPay had agreed to facilitate the creation of a QR code for the school, kompas.com has reported.

Alhamdullilah [Thank God], GoPay has responded. The company’s head of corporate affairs has contacted us,” he said.

He said the use of GoPay would help parents as they would no longer have to go to campus to arrange payment.  

“We know that parents have limited time,” Arief said.

The principal acknowledged the jokes about tuition payment using GoPay following Nadiem's appointment, however, he said that the jokes had not served as inspiration behind the school's decision to adopt GoPay as a payment method, as the plan had long been in motion.  

Besides GoPay, the school also facilitates other digital payment methods, such as payment apps OVO, LinkAja and Dana, as well as conventional bank transfers. (gis)

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