Officer Severely Abuses Witness; N. Sumatra Police Chief Sacked Dipublikasikan 06.47, 10/07 • Laila Afifa
Police Commissioner Otniel Siahaan has been officially sacked following the abuse done by his personnel at his police sector in Percut Sei Tuan.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Commissioner Otniel Siahaan has been officially stripped of his position as the Percut Sei Tuan Police Sector chief following alleged police abuse that was committed against a murder witness that happened in the police sector’s cell block.

Siahaan is temporarily replaced by Adj. Comm. Ricky Pripurna Atmaja. This news was confirmed by the North Sumatra police spokesperson, Sr. Commissioner Tatan Dirsan Armaja on late Thursday, July 9.

Moreover, Tatan said that eight other police personnel from the Percut Sei Tuan police sector had been summoned to the region’s police headquarters to undergo a disciplinary trial.

Previously, construction labor, Sarpan (57), said that he became a victim of police brutality while he was being held in the Percut Sei Tuan police sector as a witness. Sarpan eventually suffered multiple injuries across his body and face.

Not only was Sarpan abused, but he also claimed that he was forced to admit guilt as a murder suspect.


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