Ministry Launches National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Dipublikasikan 03.55, 11/08/2020 •
Illustration ( Rizal)

Jakarta: The Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) launched a national artificial intelligence strategy and an electronic catalog for the innovation product sector to mark the 25th National Technology Awakening Day.

“The national artificial intelligence strategy, which is the direction of the national policy for 2020-2045, contains focus areas and priority areas for artificial intelligence technology for ministries, institutions, regions, and other stakeholders,” said Minister of Research and Technology, Bambang PS Brodjonegoro, who is also head of the BRIN, in his address to mark the 25th National Technology Awakening Day, which was broadcast from Jakarta on Monday.

The minister said the five priority programs under Indonesia's national artificial intelligence strategy include health services, bureaucratic reform, education and research, food security, and mobility and smart cities.

One of the current artificial intelligence programs is an artificial intelligence system for the detection of covid-19.

With respect to the electronic catalog for the innovation product sector, the Ministry of Research and Technology, in collaboration with the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP), is assisting in the marketing or down-streaming of Indonesian innovative products that have passed the technology and innovation readiness test, have been produced, have obtained permits, and are ready for distribution, the minister said.

The catalog will feature innovative products developed by the covid-19 Research and Innovation Consortium.

The 25th National Education Day commemoration will include several activities, which will be carried out from August to November. The activities will range from the launch of strategic research and innovation products, seminars, to innovation services.

This year's commemoration is themed ‘Innovation as a Solution’, and the sub-theme is research and innovation excellence to increase Indonesia's independence. (antara)

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