Lion Air Communicates with Ministry in Investigating Leaked Data Dipublikasikan 06.55, 20/09/2019 • Laila Afifa
Lion Air Group urges passengers with miles accounts to change passwords immediately.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Lion Air Group said the company continues to coordinate and cooperate with the Communication and Information Ministry for the investigation of leaked personal data of passengers. The airline is also collaborating with other relevant parties.

Mandala Prihantoro, Lion Air Group's corporate communications strategist, said in an official statement that the company continues to talk with partner vendor vendors.

He stated that the airliner's passenger data is safe, and if the company finds evidence of data leakage, they will immediately take the necessary steps in accordance with the procedures.

Lion Air Group has also reported the data leak to authorities of each country they operate airlines in. For Lion Air, Batik Air and Wings Air, the case was reported to the Indonesian Police. For Malindo Air, the case was reported to the Malaysian authorities and for Thai Lion Air to the Thai police.

The operator of Lion Air Group in Indonesia said they have acted in compliance with Regulation No. 20 of 2016 on the Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems (Data Protection Regulations). This was to ensure that passengers' personal information is not compromised.

"Lion Air Group would like to inform that we do not store details and specific information about passengers' payments and purchases to our servers. Lion Group does not have any data related to passenger payments. The data that was leaked was not the financial data of passengers. The company continues to study matters relating to data," Danang said.

To ensure the safety of their personal data, the Lion Group urges passengers with miles accounts to change passwords immediately. Especially if they use the same password for other online services.


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