KPK Law Revisions Agreed upon Tonight, Soon to Be Ratified Dipublikasikan 15.43, 16/09/2019 • Markus Wisnu Murti
Activists of the Coalition of Anti-corruption Civilians lay flowers at the coffin of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) at the KPK headquarters in Jakarta on Friday, September 13, 2019. TEMPO/Imam Sukamto
In a stunning move, lawmakers of the House of Representatives and the government are set to approve the revised KPK Law tonight.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The House of Representatives' (DPR) legislation board and the government are set to approve the revised law on the Corruption Eradication Commission or the KPK Law before the end of Monday, September 16. The House’s working committee member, Teuku Taufiqulhadi, said that discussions on the law’s revisions had been completed.

“They have been approved and a work meeting to decide the outcome will be held tonight,” said Teuku Taufiqulhadi at the Senayan Parliamentary complex on Monday.

According to him, both government and House lawmakers have reached an agreement as to who should form the KPK's supervisory board, which is one of the least popular articles in the law among the general public and observers alike.

The House, as the initiator, recommended the supervisory board members be filtered by the government via selection process before the list of names was handed to the House for final approval.

Meanwhile, the government stated in the inventory list of problems (DIM) that it wanted the supervisory board to be formed by the head of state, President Jokowi.

Teuku said there were two political parties that had yet to agree with the rest; the Democrat Party and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), which he said had requested additional time to consult the rest of their members on the revisions.

“The consultation process is on its way as we speak,” said the House of Representative’s working committee member.

Following the recess, the meeting will be followed by a decision-making meeting by the legislative board and the government's representatives. Based on information in the field, Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly is present at the meeting.

Hence, the revised KPK Law will undergo a plenary meeting the next day to be officially ratified.


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