Jokowi Retorts People Accusing Him 'Antek Asing' Dipublikasikan 07.16, 18/09/2019 • Laila Afifa
President Jokowi retaliated people and figures he deems often accuse his policies of being “antek asing” or siding toward foreigners.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In opening a forum dubbed Forum Titik Temu in Jakarta today, President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo took the moment to retaliate people and figures he deems often accuse his policies of siding toward foreigners, calling his administration as 'antek asing'.

The president maintained that his policies on international relations represent Indonesia’s ability to be open to pluralism and may be the key to the country’s development.

“One of the keys is the transparency and tolerance,” he said at the Hotel Double Tree Hilton in Cikini.

Widodo also mentioned the United Arab Emirates as an example, where the country opened its doors to global parties and invited professionals from across the globe to be expert workers or leaders, where their knowledge eventually gets transferred to its citizens.

“Meanwhile in Indonesia, I get accused of being an ‘antek asing’ when I mention new ideas such as letting in foreign university rectors at Indonesian universities,” said the president which was followed by the audiences’ laughter.

The former Jakarta Governor argues that plurality is not exclusive about social issues and politics but also about economic development. Without that, Joko Widodo went on, a community will remain enclosed and underdeveloped.


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