Jakarta gov’t warns public against using electric scooters on pedestrian bridge after photos of damages go viral

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Jakarta gov’t warns public against using electric scooters on pedestrian bridge after photos of damages go viral

Since its launch earlier this year,GrabWheels — an e-scooter rental service by Singapore-based app Grab — has somewhat become a trend among youngsters in Jakarta and Tangerang. As there have been no regulations on e-scooters, the users are still oblivious on whether they should or shouldn’t ride them in certain locations, including pedestrian bridges.

Jakarta Bina Marga Agency posted a series of screenshots from CCTV recording showing people using e-scooters on the newly revitalized pedestrian bridges on Jakarta’s main thoroughfare of Sudirman. The bridge’s wooden floor appears to be damaged as the result of the e-scooter wheels.

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Halo warga jakarta,,, Untuk pengguna skateboard, scooterlistrik (grabwheels). Mohon untuk tidak menggunakan alat-alat tersebut pada JPO Sudirman (JPO Bunderan senayan, GBK dan Polda metro). Selain mengganggu pengguna JPO yang lain, juga dapat merusak sarana JPO tersebut. Mari bijak dalam menggunakan fasilitas umum, kita gunakan dan jaga bersama. @jktinfo @jakartaterkini @grabid @dkijakarta @satpolpp.dki @dishubdkijakarta

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“Hello Jakartans, users of skateboard and e-scooter (GrabWheels) are not allowed to ride on Sudirman pedestrian bridges (Senayan roundabout, Gelora Bung Karno stadium, and Jakarta Metro Police). Other than disturbing other bridge users, [the equipment] can also damage the bridge. Let’s be wise in using public facilities, we use and take care of them together,” the agency wrote in the caption.

The Jakarta Transport Agency (Dishub DKI) Chief Syafrin Liputo said his team has met Grab officials and they promised to tackle the matter from their end. 

“We have discussed the matter with Grab, and they will install a device on pedestrian bridges that functions to turn off the e-scooter,” Syafrin told Detik today. 

Syafrin said the agency is currently drafting a new regulation regarding e-scooters. At the moment, they have issued a ban of e-scooters on public facilities such as pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, as well as car-free day on Sudirman-Thamrin every Sunday – but users are allowed to ride in the bicycle lanes. 

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