Jakarta Temporarily Closes Down 51 Companies over Covid-19

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Illustration (Photo:Medcom.id)

Jakarta: A total of 51 companies in Jakarta were closed temporarily after several employees of 44 companies contracted the covid-19, while the seven others failed to apply the requisite health protocols.

The companies were closed down after field inspections to check the application of health protocols were conducted in 3,349 companies, Andri Yansyah, head of the Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration, and Energy Office, stated here on Tuesday,

"Some 389 companies were issued first warnings, while 101 firms received second warnings, and 51 were temporarily closed," Yansyah noted.

Yansyah remarked that 44 companies were temporarily closed after covid-19 positive cases were found. Seven other companies were temporarily closed over non-conformance to apply health protocols.

"Of the 44 companies whose several employees got infected, 12 are located in Central Jakarta, 13 in East Jakarta and South Jakarta, four in West Jakarta, and three in North Jakarta," Yansyah revealed.

Meanwhile, of the seven other companies closed for not applying the covid-19 health protocols, four were located in South Jakarta and one respectively in Central Jakarta, West Jakarta, and East Jakarta. (antara)

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