Dubai CrossFit Championship: Misfit P10 Performance, a CrossFit Games after party mash-up to competition winners

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Dubai CrossFit Championship: Misfit P10 Performance, a CrossFit Games after party mash-up to competition winners

Lots of things happen at CrossFit Games after parties. Most of them stay - as the saying goes - at the CrossFit after parties. However, one thing came out of the 2019 CrossFit Games after party and ended up winning the team event at the Dubai CrossFit Championship

Misfit P10 Performance rolled to an incredibly convincing win over the four day tournament which finished today at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium, winning six out of 11 events, and finishing second in every other one. This all started back in August in Madison, Wisconsin, said Travis Williams, who was out with fellow Don't Stop teammate Roy Gamboa. The two finished sixth at the Games, and they were hanging out with Taylor Williamson and Andrea Nilser, who had just came fourth with OC3 Black.

"I went out with them and I said, 'Hey any chance of you two teaming up with us? We might have been missing some strong girls and you guys may have been missing some strong guys'. And they were like, 'Yeah let's try it out'."

Turns out the mash-up was a match made in heaven as even though they only had one practice together, they looked like a team that has been competing together for years. Williams and Gamboa call Texas home while Williamson is based in Iowa and Nilser calls Minnesota home. Williamson said they keep in touch via text quite regularly to compensate for the lack of physical contact.

Misft P10 Performance were born out of a CrossFit Games after party. Photo: Dubai CrossFit Championship

"This is the second time we've actually ever been together," said the 25-year-old. "So we didn't really know, we had one practice, and our first worm thrusters together were on the floor."

Williams, 33, said one of the most interesting things about this United Arab Emirates Sanctional was Rich Froning, who is one of the sports legendary icons, was tasked with programming the team events. Froning, who has won four individual titles, now competes as a member of Mayhem Freedom which has won the Games four times and came second once.

The four have now booked their ticket to the 2020 CrossFit Games. Photo: Dubai CrossFit Championship

"Coming into the weekend we really didn't know what the workouts were going to be. We knew that Rich Froning was going to program it, so we kind of felt like we had a really good chance, because we figured Rich was going to program a lot of team styled workouts and those are a real wheelhouse for us. And then once we saw the programming I think our expectations went up even higher."

Williams said they will take home US$47,500 in the win and now feel like they have a solid unit who can compete against Froning himself and his teammates when the 2020 CrossFit Games roll around in August in Madison, Wisconsin. Williams said there is a trend of CrossFit teams swapping members more regularly as of late, and she said it is good for the compete level of the sport.

"I think everybody should until they find the right mix of people who work together. Every team competition out there is going to come down to programming, who is going to win, obviously Rich's team is really good but we've seen programming shoot them in the foot as well, especially at Wodapalooza last year, so you never know."

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