Djoko Tjandra Under 14-day Isolation After Entering Salemba Facility Dipublikasikan 03.17, 09/08/2020 • Petir Garda Bhwana
Djoko Tjandra is under a 14-day independent isolation as per the COVID-19 handling health protocols after being moved to Salemba prison facility.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Djoko Tjandra, convicted in the Bank of Bali corruption case, is under a 14-day independent isolation as per the COVID-19 handling health protocols after being moved to the Salemba correctional facility in Central Jakarta.
"Currently, Djoko Tjandra is under independent isolation for 14 days in accordance with the COVID-19 health protocols and is placed in the isolation cell," Ministry of Law and Human Rights’ Directorate General of Corrections' Head of Public Relations and Protocols, Rika Aprianti, noted in a statement received on Saturday.
After a 14-day isolation, introductions, and a non-reactive result in the COVID-19 rapid test, Tjandra will be placed alongside other inmates in the block cells to serve his sentence and undergo programs.
Aprianti further explained that Tjandra was executed by the Attorney General's Office and became a prisoner and was temporarily placed at the Salemba Detention Center in the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police (Bareskrim Polri), pending the conclusion of ongoing examinations.
"On Friday (August 8), convicted felon Djoko Tjandra completed examinations by the Bareskrim. Hence, he was returned to the Salemba correctional facility," she revealed.
On the same day, Aprianti remarked that Tjandra was moved to the Salemba facility to serve his sentence.
Chief of the National Police's Criminal Investigation Agency, Police Commissioner General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, had earlier stated that Tjandra’s examination was deemed sufficient for the interim.
"We think that the examination conducted on Djoko Tjandra is adequate as of now. Hence, we coordinate with the Director General of Corrections for the next place to move Djoko Tjandra," he remarked during a press conference at the Police Headquarters in Jakarta, Friday (August 7).
The alleged corruption case was raised to the investigation stage on Thursday (August 6).

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