Aisyahscopes: September Horoscope 2019

Magdaleneid Dipublikasikan 05.16, 24/09/2019 • Aisyah Llewellyn, Columnist

Hello Magdalene readers! We meet again for the month of September, which is a weird month in some ways and fun one in others. There is a lot of joy floating around in the heavens throughout September, but also a sense of confusion. You could be trying to wrestle plans and projects into place, and creatively you will be firing on all cylinders. But at the same time you need a big dose of patience, as it will take until the end of the month and into September for everything to really come together. The best advice therefore is to explore everything that comes you way now and then get ready to act in the final two weeks of the month. Having an open mind and a flexible approach to life will certainly help now, and you also need to be ready to get out there and have some fun when the opportunity arises. See you in October!

Here’s how it is all going to go down:

14/15 September: Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon in Pisces in the middle of the month will be the perfect time to put something into action that you have been dwelling on for some time. If you work in the media, then you may want to launch a podcast, newsletter or similar, and any projects you have been working on for some time could come to fruition now. Put a circle around this date and use it to make things happen – in any area of your life that needs an extra push!

28 September: New Moon in Libra

Libra is the sign of relationships, and with that in mind the Libra New Moon is the time to get things back on track with your relationships. The last few months may have stretched many of us, and there could be some tension between you and those closest to you. Fortunately, this sweet New Moon will help to push the reset button on this area of your life. 

And now for a look at each individual sign….


Happy Birthday, Virgo! This is your birthday month and your solar return, which means that the spotlight will shine on you throughout much of September. As ever when you have a solar return, it’s a good time to think about the year ahead and all the things you want to achieve. Your love life has also likely been a little tricky lately, Virgo, and you may have felt the weight of responsibility to those closest to you. The good news is that you only have to hang in there a little longer as your relationships start to get back on a more even footing throughout September and up until December 2019, but make sure you take baby steps towards your relationship goals. There is still some confusion in the heavens now, but you will certainly be on the right track if you start talking your way through any relationship problems or start looking at solutions to any problems with your love life. A major relationship milestone could come around the time of the Full Moon on 14 September, but be careful to think it all through before you agree to anything.



In September you have the Sun in your Twelfth House which rules your subconscious, and this is really a month where you will be looking at things that go on deep below the surface, Libra. It would be fair to say that you could be struggling with some kind of dilemma now, and it is probably one that has been bubbling away below the surface for some time. With that in mind, September is a good month to get yourself together and make some decisions, and you will find that these naturally peak around the Full Moon in Pisces on 14 September and the New Moon in your own sign on 28 September. These could be linked to a number of areas of your life, and you probably already know the issue involved. Just be careful and take it slow. Saying or doing things in the heat of the moment is never a good idea. Nor is it a good idea to make long term decisions based on temporary emotions. So try and talk it out and spend time thinking over your options – then you can act when the time is right.



This month you have the Sun in your Eleventh House of groups and this is where the magic will happen throughout September. It could be that you have a group project going on now, and it may be one that has stalled or changed in recent months and which now gets something of a second wind. People could come to you now with ideas for a group project or work opportunity, and you would be wise to listen to all that they have to say. The New Moon at the end of the month is a great time to get everything together and make some firm plans, but until then you would be best placed listening to everything and anything that’s on the table, and thinking about whether it suits you or not. The chances are that you will look back on September as the time when group work or activities really kicked off, and this area of your life will be very rewarding in the future, Scorpio.



This month sees the Sun in your Tenth House of ambition and prestige, Sagittarius, and you could find that you get a very lucrative offer in September related to your work life. You could also blossom professionally, and this is likely to happen around the time of the New Moon in Libra on 28 September. You could also have some decisions to make this month about your work life, and you need to know that anything you set in stone now is likely to last for a long time to come. This doesn’t mean that you should be worried about making a decision, but you do need to think it all through first and wait for some of the more confusing and conflicting energy of the month to pass. By the end of September, you will be ready to take action, so use the first three weeks of the month to explore all your work options.



The Sun is in your Ninth House of travel and foreign connections this month, Capricorn, which means that you could take a trip somewhere or forge an important cross-cultural relationship. There is a lot happening in September, and you will find that you get offers and opportunities out of the blue which are linked to travel or foreign shores/people. The trick for you now is to explore what comes along and then think about how it fits into your wider vision and plans for the future. If you want to launch something this month linked to the Ninth House, like a travel blog for example, then the time of the Full Moon on 14 September is the ideal time to do it. You may also find that you have to deal with a tricky cross-cultural or long distance relationship now and it could be that you decide to move in with someone or get engaged, or you could break up for good depending on how things are going. Give this the time and energy it needs!



This month you have the Sun in your Eighth House of other people’s money, Aquarius, and this is where you will have a lot of work to you. On the one hand, you may find that you get some kind of windfall that you weren’t expecting, particularly around the time of the Full Moon on 14 September. On the other hand, you could also be hit with something out of the blue like a tax bill, and this will mean that you will have to think on your feet about how to deal with it. There could also be opportunities for you to get closer to someone by merging your assets, so if you are in a relationship you may decide to do something like open a joint account. There is a feeling in the heavens that you are untangling any difficult situations around shared money now, but you also need to make sure that you have the time and space to do so. There are answers on offer if you can be patient and level-headed enough to look for them.



The Sun is in your Seventh House of marriage and committed partnerships for much of September, meaning that this is really the month to hunker down and do some repair work, Pisces. The problem however, is that you need to avoid the time of the Full Moon on 14 September (give or take a day either side) which falls in your sign and amplifies the energy and your emotions. This is not the moment to have a heart to heart with a loved one, and if you do it could easily go off the rails and end in harsh words or even a break up. You may have had a difficult time of things with a committed partner lately, and you know that there is work to be done with this relationship. The good news is that you can make progress in September, but it will take time and effort, and it will also not likely come together until the end of the month and into October. The trick now is to keep talking in a calm and practical way and then make slow but solid progress towards a solution.



In the month of September you will have the Sun in your Sixth House of Wellness, Aries, and this means that you will need to focus on your health and wellbeing. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, or if you have been battling something like an addiction, then now is the time to get a grip on this area of your life. The time around the 14 September could bring things to a head, but the good news is that the New Moon on 28 September is the ideal time for a fresh start and a new way of doing things. Set your intentions at this time, and do something like join a gym or start a new exercise program. If your love life hasn’t been that healthy lately, then you can also treat the New Moon at the end of the month as a brand new beginning, and this is the ideal time to resolve any issues that you may have been having with someone close to you. All in all, this is a month of healing for you, Aries!



You have the Sun in your Fifth House of true love this month, Taurus, and this is also the house that rules creativity and creative projects. As such, you could find that you are way more productive than usual and that you have so many different plans and projects on the go at one time. The trick is to allow your creative side to thrive while also trying to bring your great ideas down to earth so that they actually happen! If you want to launch a new creative endeavor, then you have the full support of the heavens around the time of the Full Moon on 14 September, so aim for this date if you want to make an impact! Your love life could be a little tricky this month, and if you have been struggling to try and get on the same page as your partner, then you will find that you still have more work to do throughout September. The good news is that if you put the work in, you will find that it gets results, and by the New Moon on 28 September, you should have a much better idea of where you are headed in the future when it comes to your love life.



In September you have the Sun in your Fourth House of house and home, so you could be dealing with issues related to your family or your living situation, Gemini. This is likely something that has been on your mind for some time now, and you could decide that you want to move, or lay to rest an issue with a relative for good. Tensions could flare around 14 September however, so you need to avoid this time if you want to have “the big talk” with someone close to you. The time of the New Moon in Libra is the perfect time for you to get a grip on things as Libra is the sign of partnerships, and the vibe will be a lot cooler at that time. If you want to move house or are looking for a new property, then you may find your forever home at this time or sign papers on a new place. As such, you need to think of September as a time to sort out your home and family life for the rest of the year. You can do it, Gemini!



This month sees the Sun in your Third House of communication and media, Cancer, and this is the time to get your big ideas out there for everyone to see! The best time to launch a new look or perhaps a new media based project will be around the time of the Full Moon on 14 September, and this is likely to shine for you if you put the work in! One thing you need to keep in mind, however, is that you need to carefully craft your message and be careful about how you come across online. Careless words or a rushed tweet could ruin all your hard work, so make sure to check yourself before you wreck yourself. By the time of the New Moon on 28 September, you may find that you have truly started to find your voice, and this is what you will be known for throughout the rest of the year. Your love life could also be about finding the best way to communicate this month, and you need to figure out how to best get your message across to others. Once you hit on the right formula, you can clear up a lot of past misunderstandings.



Throughout the month of September you will have the Sun in your Second House of money, Leo, and it could be quite a lucrative month for you. There is a chance that you could get a windfall around the time of the Full Moon on 14 September, and this is also an excellent time for you to get a grip on your finances if things have got a little out of control lately. If you have been spending too much, then now is the time to have a firm word with yourself (or perhaps others!) and set up some kind of financial plan. A good time to open a new savings account or similar could be around the time of the New Moon on 28 September, which will allow you to set your intentions to save some of your pennies for a rainy day! Your love life could also be linked to money matters this month, and you may be at odds with a loved one about how to spend your hard earned cash. Avoid the time around the 14 September to have conversations about money matters as there could be a lot of tension in the air.

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