Abandoned Baby in City Slum Possibly Positive for COVID-19

Tempo.co Dipublikasikan 16.40, 11/08 • Laila Afifa
Police reported that the woman who discovered the baby was in fact the biological mother. Both are awaiting COVID-19 swab test results.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -An abandoned baby along with the 20-year old biological mother "D" is currently awaiting the result of COVID-19 swab tests at the Palmerah community health center (Puskesmas). A previous rapid test on the baby and the mother showed reactive results and they are now undergoing self-isolation.

“The baby and the mother are treated at the Puskesmas after their tests were reactive. We now await their swab test results,” said Police Chief Commissioner Supriyanto on Tuesday, August 11.

The Palmerah district police previously reported that the woman who discovered the baby that was abandoned in a local slum in Jatipulo was in fact the biological mother who intentionally created the scenario to lure her family into helping and adopting the baby she had given birth herself.

In terms of possible COVID-19 infection, police and local healthcare service officials mandated D’s neighbors to self-isolate as they were the first responders following the discovery of the “abandoned” baby.

“Because it's a crowded area,” said the police chief.


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