4 Best Places to Eat Nasi Goreng in Jakarta

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Check out the top 4 places to enjoy Nasi Goreng with creative recipes in Jakarta.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The famous Indonesian fried rice or Nasi Goreng is actually a very simple food. But it has a vast variety of styles and recipes. The way to cook them are pretty much the same yet the creativity of the cooks and the variety of toppings will highly affect the tastes. Quoting Pegipegi, the following are the top 4 places to enjoy Nasi Goreng with creative recipes in Jakarta.

Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay

Nasi goreng kebuli Apjay. Doc.: @samsulsudhibiyo

Nasi Goreng Kebuli Apjay is located in Panglima Police, South Jakarta. It is known of its kebuli spices. Kebuli is a type of rice dish popular in Jakarta that is influenced by Arab culture. The herbs and pieces of mutton dominate the taste of this dish.

Nasi Goreng Mafia

Nasi goreng Mafia. Photo: @nasgormafia

Nasi goreng is not only featured by its spiciness but also the combination of the herbs and seasoning. Nasi Goreng Mafia serves fried rice menu with unique names, such as preman (Indonesian gangster), gangster, triad, godfather, bandit, and yakuza. It is known that the Godfather and Gangster are the most favored ones.

If you like sweet and spicy taste, go for Godfather, while those who favor a terribly hot fried rice, Gangster is the winner. This diner opens in several areas in Jakarta and one of them is at Jalan Tebet Raya.

Nasi Goreng Kebuli Bombom

Nasi Goreng Kebuli Bombom is located in Gandaria, South Jakarta. It accentuates herbs and mutton in its fried rice. You may add pickles to give a refreshing tangy flavor to the dish.

Republic Nasi Goreng

Republic Nasi Goreng. Photo: @ynit_meow

Republic Nasi Goreng offers the taste of Nusantara (archipelago). It has various options of topping, such as sausages andbuntut penyet (a type of oxtail dish). The customers can ask for these additional toppings to their fried rice. This place is located in Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan.

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