Virus testing professionals from mainland arrive in Hong Kong to help curb COVID-19 outbreak

XINHUA 發布於 08月03日03:57

   Seven virus testing professionals from the Chinese mainland arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday afternoon as the first batch of mainland supportive teams to help tackle a worsening spread of COVID-19.

   The medical professionals, who will help with laboratory work here, are members of a 60-strong nucleic acid testing team established recently at the request of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government for assistance in the battle against the epidemic.

   They came at a time of surging COVID-19 infections in Hong Kong, where medical resources were stretched to the limit and the virus testing capacity was not enough.

   Members of the team were selected from over 20 public hospitals in Guangdong Province. The head of the team used to lead the province's supportive group to Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province.

   The National Health Commission said it will continue to assemble mainland medical resources and send more support at any time based on the requirements of the HKSAR to fight the epidemic.

   The commission has also set up a panel of six experts from Wuhan to provide technical support for Hong Kong's construction of makeshift hospitals.