Using Credit Cards in Japan

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Using Credit Cards in Japan

International credit, prepaid and debit cards are usually accepted in Japan. You will see symbols of the cards they accept displayed at the door or cashier. If you don’t, feel free to ask the staff if you can use your card. For public transports, you can use credit cards to pay for Narita Express and shinkansen tickets, yet they don’t apply to subways or short distance train fares at the moment.

As a payment alternative, you can withdraw cash at ATMs, or purchase a Pasmo cardor Suica card. These cards can be used for trains, buses, at convenience stores and some shops and restaurants. Be aware each prefecture and city may have its own e-money card.

If you, unfortunately, lose your credit card, contact the issuers immediately to arrange for replacements. Here is a list of toll-free numbers for the major credit card companies:
MasterCardAmerican ExpressJCBDiscoverDiners Club