US will be the end of ‘one country, two systems’

South China Morning Post 發布於 2019年10月16日16:10 • Alex
  • Inviting Washington to intervene in Hong Kong will only encourage Beijing to interfere even more
US subversion in Hong Kong will only hurt local people the most, including those who are shamefully waving the American flag now. Photo: Winson Wong

Self-righteous people usually don't have a sense of irony, and those who like to jump on their high horses by quoting the Bible are often the worst hypocrites. It's not by accident that you have a house packed full of those in the US Congress.

On the passage of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act by the US House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticised those who sided with Beijing for fear of jeopardising their economic interests.

"To those who want to take the repressive government's side in this discussion, I say to you: What does it profit a person if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his soul?"

Spoken like Jesus Himself! Personally, I prefer Peter 2:16 for American politicians like Pelosi. "Live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil."

US House approves Hong Kong bill, Beijing strongly condemns move

The act is also expected to pass in the US Senate. At the same time, US legislators have passed another bipartisan resolution to "condemn the interference of the People's Republic of China in Hong Kong's affairs". Condemn?

Perhaps the irony of the resolution escaped those who passed it.

They are interfering in Chinese affairs by blasting a sovereign country for interfering in the affairs of one of its own cities. What would Americans think if Chinese lawmakers start lecturing Washington about the constitutionality of state rights and federal overreach?

Sadly, some Hong Kong people welcome American interference and have no idea whose hand actually feeds them. Many know nothing about international politics, America's imperialistic interference and subversion around the world, or the history and politics of their own country, which they deny is their own. Well, if China is not your country, neither is America.

US subversion in Hong Kong will only hurt local people the most, including those who are shamefully waving the American flag now. Forget the rhetoric coded in the Hong Kong Act; it just provides one more avenue for Washington to interfere in Hong Kong and, if need be, undermine "one country two systems" by ending the city's separate customs status and treating it as "just another Chinese city".

Many Hongkongers hate their own country so much they don't understand inviting Washington's intervention will encourage Beijing to impose even tougher control over the city.

We are provoking two giants to fight over us. Who do you think will be hurt most?

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