This Pop-Up Hotel in the North Pole Will Cost Guests US$100K Per Night

Hong Kong Tatler 發布於 2019年09月19日01:45 • Kaitlyn McInnis

The luxury hotel will let guests sleep under the stars in the northernmost hotel in the world

A luxury pop-up hotel operated by Luxury Action in the North Pole is offering guests the chance to stay at the northernmost part of the world for a cool US$100,000 per night. A stay will include two nights in the Norwegian islands of Svalbard and one night in the North Pole. Flights between Svalbald and the North Pole, meals, security, and travel guides are all included in the price.

Due to the extreme weather conditions, only about 1,000 people currently visit the North Pole each year, staying in rugged accommodations but the camp aims to change that. The resort itself is made of heated glass igloos, which have been tested in extreme Arctic weather and will change locations as a result of the changes in weather patterns. Each igloo is comprised of transparent ceiling and walls, which allows guests “to be one with the nature and experience the Northern Lights,” according to the hotel operators.

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Guests can reserve a stay at the North Pole Igloos throughout April 2020, which is the only month in the year when it’s safe enough to travel to the region.

“The North Pole is one of the most exclusive travel destinations on Earth,” founder and CEO, Janne Honkanen, told CNBC in a statement, “All our guests (are concerned about) Arctic nature and the climate crisis. I believe they are also the best messengers to spread word of how climate change affects our lives in the Arctic and its effects on Arctic animals and nature.”

Guests can also opt for a three night stay in igloos at a glacier Svalbard, for around US$50,000 and that property will not be limited to visits in April.

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