Japandi: a combination of the much-loved Scandinavian style paired snugly together with classic Japanese elements. Although they come from different sides of the globe, they both share similar principles in exercising minimalism. 

Owned by a family of three with two dogs, this home is the perfect embodiment of the Japandi style, with the warm woods complemented by industrial textures and reflective surfaces. It's minimalist, choosing to showcase just one or two accent pieces. Designed by Singapore-based interior design agency Voilà, this home appears clean and straightforward, but is full of hidden surprises.

"The lady of the house is Japanese. I think it influences the way we designed this project because the family really embraces the Japanese culture," says Voilà interior designer Eileen Low. "She doesn't believe in having a TV. Also, she does flower arrangement classes at home, so she needs a table with good circulation where she can walk around to guide her students." 

On the other hand, the husband wanted something resembling a hidden man cave, with the doors of the house concealed such that it cannot be seen from afar.

Scroll through the gallery to see how a 71-year-old HDB flat was transformed into a cosy home filled with modern-rustic vibes: 

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