Mon Deco was tasked with designing a spacious Sai Kung home for a middle-aged couple with two young children and their elderly parents.

The brief was simple: a practical and elegant space conducive to family bonding, yet allows for individual privacy. In order to create a more harmonious home, Mon Deco transformed the original, boxy layout into a fluid, three-storey space. On the ground floor, the curvilinear dining room features Hayon Studio’s Tudor dining chairs and a marble table. “We wanted the dining room to be more interesting and not just a square box,” says Athena Cheung of Mon Deco. The room is full of surprises: wall panels conceal doorways leading to other areas of the home. Behind one panel is the kitchen, while other doors lead to a guest bathroom and a storage room. Scroll through the gallery below (Photography: Mon Deco) to experience the unparalleled design:

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