Imagine flipping through interior design magazines and coming across homes and spaces that look current and stunning even though the pieces within may have come from another era. During challenging times such as now, (even for the least ambitious design lovers), most of us have realised that it’s essential to our senses and our wellbeing to curate living environments that we love being in and can boast true timelessness.

Image courtesy of BoConcept

To start with, ensure your furnishings and decorative accents are simple and understated, or even come with a sought-after distressed look for an effortless, je ne sais quois vibe to make it yours. Pull together modern elements, retro pieces and antique treasures to create a sense of balance and relevance; don’t forget to prioritize function too as that is key to creating an enduring look that lasts. Read on to see our selected pieces to achieve the perfect look. Scroll through the gallery below (Leading image and cover photos are courtesy of Bloomingville) and get these 9 selected items for a timeless ambience:

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