Feeling restless in isolation? Here are a few ways to stay creative and connected so that you can spend your days at home with purpose, while ticking a few things off on your to-do list. Pull yourself out of that Netflix rabbit hole and, in the eternal words of Douglas Young's lifestyle brand, G.O.D — "Delay No More"

Redecorate your home

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Turn your space into a sanctuary, because if anything's going to help you enjoy this temporary period of isolation, it's making your home uniquely yours. Buy those artworks or prints you've always admired (a great way to support artists during this time), buy some beautiful furniture and adorn your home with lush, oxygen-giving plants. Maybe even consult a Feng Shui master like Thierry Chow. 

Check out our Homes section for inspiration. 

Curate your home bar

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Elevate your home bar game with everything from natural, biodynamic wines to premium sake, artisanal spirits and even pre-bottled cocktails from one of our favourite bars—all of which can be delivered to your door.

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Experiment in the kitchen

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Always wanted to perfect a dish but never had the time? Keen to join the growing cult of home chefs baking loaves of sourdough? Break out of your routine of quick-and-convenient meals and really sink your claws (and teeth) into a new recipe—whether it's slow-cooking a comforting stew or ragout while working from home, or baking a cake for a loved one's birthday or an anniversary. Home cooking will never be the same. 

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Support local restaurants

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We and Tatler Dining Hong Kong recently introduced #UnitedWeDine, a new initiative from March 16 to April 30 to support restaurants around the city—from Michelin star awardees to independently owned eateries. Rediscover Hong Kong’s incredible dining scene by making a booking or ordering delivery or takeaway from a restaurant you've been meaning to try, and win some very special prizes while you're at it. 

Find out more at unitedwedine.hk


Try a new workout

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With online classes and fitness apps that put everything from HIIT to weights, yoga to pilates and more at your fingertips, there's no better time to switch up your fitness routine and try something new. If you've always worried you might look silly in a dance class, now's the time to try it out in the safety of your living room.

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Invest in better self care

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Without the need to rush out of the house in the morning or run around to different meetings and events, you've been given the rare and wonderful gift of being able to take your time. Instead of hurried showers, take a long bath with essential oils. Instead of rushing through your skincare routine, enjoy it for the daily ritual of self love that it is. Instead of filling your head with the doom and gloom of daily news, pick up books that uplift and inspire. 

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Clean out your closet

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Declutter your wardrobe and check out our list of where to donate your unwanted clothing in Hong Kong to find out how you can give unwanted (but still wearable) clothing a second life, while supporting sustainable fashion initiatives or providing basic needs to the city's less fortunate. Besides, it's a great way to make space for all of that online shopping you've been doing. 

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Make your own coffee

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It's one of those resolutions that many make but very few keep: make your own coffee so you're not spending money on it daily, while adding to the shocking amount of waste that comes from coffee cups and lids. Invest in some quality beans, a sturdy machine and enjoy. 

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Foster a rescue dog or cat

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One of the most common reasons people talk themselves out of getting a pet, is that they haven't got the time. But now that we're spending most—if not all—of our time at home, it's a great opportunity to volunteer as a foster. Animal shelters can only provide for so many animals, and they rely greatly on fosters to care for rescue cats and dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes.

Check out charities like Paws United Charity, LAP, and Hong Kong Dog Rescue.

Take up photography

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Perhaps you've always wanted to experiment with film photography, or maybe you've got a DSLR collecting dust in your closet. With countless online classes and workshops available and time to spare, now's the time to brush up on your skills so when it's time to go on your next adventure, you can look forward to having more than just iPhone photos—but something truly tangible and meaningful—to show for it. Which brings us to our next point… 

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Plan your next trip

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It's important to have something to look forward to once all of this is over. Start researching for that epic vacation you've always dreamt of but never had the time to plan, whether it's watching the Northern Lights from a hot tub, healing mind, body and soul at a wellness retreat or spotting wildlife on safari in Africa.

Check out our Travel section for inspiration. 


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Gratitude journaling, the daily practice of writing down the things you're grateful for, bullet journaling and other forms of day-to-day documenting are a soothing, meditative practice that encourages us to slow down and reflect. It's easy to feel overwhelmed in uncertain times like these, and getting it out on paper can help put things in perspective and lighten the load. Treat yourself to a beautiful notebook (I'm personally partial to a Moleskine) and get busy. 

Call your mom

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…and your dad, and your grandparents, and whoever it is that you've unintentionally drifted from because life got in the way. Social distancing and quarantining can get lonely, but when blessed with apps like WhatsApp, House Party and FaceTime, you never have to feel like you're going through it alone. 

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